In the drawing class, students are able to learn great techniques, and ways of improving their artwork. Here they can draw what ever they like with some restrictions being in a school and all. There are also assignments to complete. If you are in level 1 of this class you focus on the fundamentals and basics for creating visual art.

"Its fun and relaxing, you can try what ever you want and Mr. Fox is cool with what ever you do. He also helps you with any thing and plays music when we are working." Shanelle Clinton, a current student of Mr. Fox.

The Four students in that art show are in the drawing class. Jorge Cortez ( a Senior) has a portfolio made of four works of art. His works are titled, "Self-Portrait," "Flower," "Boat," and "Face & Pancil/ Eye." Pamela Mortel ( a Sophomore) has one work in the show, it is called "Lady Face." Paisley Amrein ( a Sophomore) also has one work in the show, it is called "Lady With Puzzel Pieces." Rolando Patino-Perez ( a Freshman) has one piece in the show as well. His work is called "Watch." We also have an exchange students work in the show, unfortunetly, she has returned to her home. She has 5 pieces in the show and they are called, "Self-Portrait," "Boys," "Street," "Black Letters," and "Fish."