Here at Thomas Jefferson it is important for the students to feel they can express themselves. There are many ways of doing this. We have sports, drama, and arts. If a student is willing to participate, we are willing to accept them.

TJ has recently received new arts teachers. Mr. Fox, and Mr. Russell. Mr. Fox is the general arts teacher and Mr. Russell teaches ceramics. These two men have changed the program and are showing more and more of the student work. Sadly, next year Mr. Russell is retiring. This means a new teacher and a new style.

The art classes are structured by level. Level I focuses on understanding the fundamentals of visual arts through the use of the art elements and principles of design; Level 2 focuses on art history and different cultures from around the world. Level 3 focuses on 3 - Dimensional Design and Mixed Media. Level 4 focuses on pre – AP skills and exhibitions. Art literacy is a component at every level, that includes art vocabulary and art history activities.

Four of our students are going to be in an art show this year. The Show Opens Tuesday March 19th, and goes till April 11th. The show is at Wellington Webb Municipal Building, Atrium. 201 West Colfax Avenue.